How to cook liver and onions

This may be my last entry…

Mrs CthuIu went out with her boss for a slap up Tapas extravaganza which allowed me to eat the one healthy meal I miss the most: liver and onions.

It’s a bit of a divisive dish with people either loving it or hating it and I’m firmly in the former camp.

With that in mind, here’s the recipe for the perfect liver and onions:

*Get all the necessary ingredients
*Cook them until they are perfect


The rest of the evening had been spent watching the increasingly poor British Cop Drama ‘Whitechapel’. The first series was a revelation featuring a copycat Jack the Ripper. From that point on it was definitely a case of diminishing returns. My advice is watch the first two seasons and then just assume they lived happily ever after.

Thanks for reading, now leave it arrrt guv!


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