Caning it

This may be my last entry…

For the last couple of nights I have been ‘box-setting’. It’s a distracting, time-consuming and annoying habit but one which is extremely popular with the middle-class, listless adult with enough easily impressed friends to brag to.

I’m really not zeitgeisty though. I haven’t got round to watching The Sopranos yet, let alone Game of Thrones. In truth GoT’s will probably never feature in my life. I saw the first two episodes and just couldn’t give a toss about any characters or situations that occurred. I know some people (in fact a lot of people) have stuck with it through thick and thin, avoided the spoilers and even read the books but I don’t get it. It’s basically a soap opera with dragons isn’t it?

I started watching Breaking Bad a while back and really enjoyed it but I only managed to get half way through season 2 before Mrs CthuIu (and therefore I) gave up. I’ll give it another try eventually.

So, I suppose I’m looking for suggestions of what to watch. I’m open to anything as long as I can get hold of it easily.

Thanks for reading, now make your suggestions in the comments.


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