5 Things I leaned this weekend

This may be my last entry…

1. If you build it, they might not actually come after all
This weekend saw the inaugural (although probably last) Kings Norton Canal Festival. It was not well advertised and therefore not well attended but it had a certain charm to it. It was a little too small for a festival, I think ‘fayre’ would be more appropriate, and only had one stage for music. The clue is in the name though, music played second fiddle to the real star of the show – the Kings Norton canal junction.

There were a good number of canal boats and several of them were selling things – one even acted as a makeshift garden centre.

For me the highlight of the festivities was a bat walk on the Friday night. I will admit to being a bit gin-drunk but Mrs CthuIu, Modulor Dave, Mrs Grotts and I all went along and had a splendid time.

2. Bats aren’t blind
I learned this in two places – on the bat walk and via Good Mythical Morning. They use sonar to detect food but they can see really well and certain kinds of bat can see 3 times better than humans!

3. Canal boats are usually floating holiday homes
I got talking to a guy about my dream of living on a canal boat and he told me that most people don’t do that. They tend to use them as holiday homes and ‘if you lived on a boat, where would you go on holiday?’. Good point, boat man!

4. My band used to annoy the hell out of everyone
Friday night at the festival saw a massively loud and annoying covers band that churned out all the usual hits-by-numbers crap that I used to do with a band called Mr Cheese. I wholeheartedly apologise to all the people I terrorised during that period and I hereby promise to never sing ‘Play that funky music, white boy’ ever again.

5. Learned is more appropriate to this kind of knowledge collection than learnt
Yeah, I would have gone with learnt but apparently that is reserved for actively applying something to memory i.e. I learnt my 9 times table or I learnt the lyrics to Killpop by Slipknot.

Thanks for reading, now tick tick tickticktick thrrrrrruuuuuppppp


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