This may be my last entry…

I’ve got a headache so writing is making my eyes hurt a bit. l’m guessing it’s because of the wine I drank last night and the half bottle I didn’t really want at lunch – it’ll pass, these things do.

After a gap of at least 5 years, I have found that I can drink coffee again without it making me pass out (I don’t know, probably something to do with Diabetes) which is great news. It’s actually nice to come back to coffee after all these years but I keep going at it too quickly and feeling awful – I need to slow down.

One big issue I have is that I have a hard time taking on as much fluid as I should. I generally only drink tea – which I drink in large quantities – but it doesn’t really supply me with enough water. I would love to keep my hydration levels up but I keep forgetting to drink until it’s too late! When I dehydrate I get headaches and the headaches refuse to budge regardless of how much water I take on board subsequently.

In short, I’m about as stupid as cats.

Mrs CthuIu took me out for a picnic today and, even though I was really tired and probably not as convivial as I would have liked to appeared, I really enjoyed it. It was a chance to just lounge in the sun and listen to the cricket on the radio. We had continental meats and cheeses on sourdough bread and a bottle of pleasant rioja to wash it down. It was really nice and I don’t think I came across as very enthused even though I was. I’ll take this opportunity to thank Mrs CthuIu: Thank you for making a neither-here-nor-there day into something special.

Mrs CthuIu and I will be taking a bicycle ride out to Solihull tomorrow – it will be the first time I have been on a bike all year which is ridiculous. Even when I hate riding, I still love it. It’s an odd feeling. I’m anxious about tomorrow but I know I’m going to love it. We’re going to take our time and enjoy the experience rather than race to see how quickly we can get there. If I remember, I will take some photos.

Thanks for reading, now pass the Port Salut!


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