Return of the cyclopath

This may be my last entry…

So, as mentioned yesterday, I went for a bike ride to the leafy, middle-class town of Solihull today. Given that this was my first ride of the year it was a bit of a monster. I know I’m going to be an aching mess in the morning.

Solihull is roughly 10 miles from my house via a picturesque canal tow path and a short stint on some could-be-busier roads. It is mostly flat but that can be extremely misleading. The way I think about it is hills on a flat route are an unpleasant surprise, it’s often better to be surprised by flat parts of an otherwise hilly route!

Over all, it was pretty straight forward ride which we took at a faster clip than intended. I had imagined a leisurely canal ride with a picnic stop in the middle but ended up going fast for a first ride (Mrs CthuIu has been riding to work for a number of weeks now and is fitter than ever but I was still able to keep up most of the time). All told we managed to knock out 20 miles or so round trip in less than two and a half hours. Sure, we’re not going to win any speed medals but 20 miles from the couch is not to be sniffed at!

There were parts that I really didn’t enjoy and I huffed and puffed a bit but, like I said, even then it feels good.

Next up: a return to swimming!

Thanks for reading, now pass the dry lube!


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