Not so far away…

This may be my last entry…

Farm Fest is coming up fast to meet me. The travel is now sorted and the plans for the previous night have been drawn. Now my mind is turning to the music, what to expect and what I will need to take.

Obviously, I’ll be taking my usual essentials but now I have a couple more essentials – a kilt, my new honcho and a rather snazzy last-minute-purchase poncho from the Download Festival (it got really cold on the last day and I had just enough cash to buy myself something warm). It’s going to be a matter of travelling pretty light given the number of changes we need to make to catch all our connecting coaches/trains. The ‘handy’ thing is that the festival is only on for two days instead of the usual three and there is no pre-opening camping. This means that there will only be two nights spent under canvas so suddenly loads of stuff becomes redundant.

There is a limit on how much booze and food you can carry into the festival but I’ll be taking a box of wine so that should keep it lighter than usual. We won’t be taking much, if any, food so lighter still. My current thinking is that I could get away with a pair of shorts and a kilt along with a couple of t-shirts – the rest of the usual paraphernalia should keep me snug for the weekend. From what I hear, the campsite is on the immediate edge of the ‘arena’ so if it rains i can just head back there!

Musically I have been making my way through as many of the confirmed artists as possible and I have to say, I’m impressed. It’s about the furthest thing from Download as you could imagine but there is art in these artists and not just an excuse to gaze soulfully at your shoes.

I’m particularly looking forward to the following:

Submotion Orchestra:


Rozi Plain:

Jonnie Common:

and, of course, Lamb (I’ve loved them for years though):

All in all, it looks like it going to a glorious time regardless of the weather!

Thanks for reading, now, if I could just compose myself, I would radiate just the right amount of cold and heat, so you’d never know how I tremble, just to touch you.


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