In the Deep Dreamtime

This may be my last entry…

It’s been a tough day today. I started off feeling a bit hazy and fuzzy from the previous night’s cricket booze and it never really shifted. To make matters worse, I realised that all of my enthusiasm was blocked into a corner in my brain by the fuzzy apathy.

Just as things were getting to the intolerable stage – at one point I clicked the wrong button 4 times in a row and had to back out each time – Google decided to play ‘Dust in the Wind’ by Kansas to me and, boom!, my one remaining creativity cell was found:

After that things picked up a little and I was able to get some coding done (despite a couple of zombie-brain moments).

I’m hoping that a bit of chillaxing and an early(ish) night will recharge my batteries for the weekend. I have noticed that the weird fluttering in my ears only shows up when I am tired so I’m guessing it’s a it like when your eye twitches to tell you get some sleep.

Friday tomorrow – Farm Fest is a week away!

Thanks for reading, now #deepdream


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