1 Day 1 Artist #2: David Bowie

This may be my last entry…

Last night I watched a documentary about the 5 most important years in David Bowie’s career. As I watched I realised that there was very little, if any, music that I didn’t find at least a little interesting.

Bowie was never really on my radar in my formative years. I had friends who worshipped him but that only helped to further distance me from him. I was mainly a metal head and the fay, ethereal Bowie seemed like the antithesis of the people I respected. I was aware of his hits and even liked a few of them but I never sat down and mooned over Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane or Hunky Dory in the same way my friends did.

Ultimately, I decided that, although elements of the music I liked would crossover with Bowie (Nine Inch Nails among others worked on remixes as well as directly with him), he probably wasn’t ‘my scene man’. So, having watched the documentary and been genuinely impressed by what I heard, I thought it might be good to give him more of a chance than I had before – the result was an entire day of listening to nothing but David Bowie in his many guises and styles.

I turned on Google Music and shuffled his entire available back catalogue and settled into a bit of coding. Here are the tweeted highlights:

Weirdly, another of my all-time favourites ‘Ashes to Ashes’ didn’t turn up but I’ve heard that a lot recently.

I am a genuine convert. For further full disclosure, I have been warming to Bowie for a while but I still hadn’t been completely sold. I’m probably the kind of person the Bowie fans detest – I like ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Hallo Space Boy’ much more than ‘Rebel Rebel’ or ‘Ziggy Stardust’!

Overall, I’m glad I took the time out to listen to a few hours of random tracks and I have a much better appreciation of what I was missing out on. If only I’d let my friends sway me earlier!

Thanks for reading, now ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh Let’s dance!


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