Serial: Killer

This may be my last entry…

I spent a good portion of the day listening to Serial. It’s becoming a bit consuming but it has made me realise something really important: I absolutely love research pieces. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me but it really does.

I need only look at the books and documentaries I love the most: Jon Ronson is such a solid reading experience for me that I barely even consider it reading. That sounds much harsher than it should. What I mean is that if Jon Ronson releases a book, I can guarantee that I will read cover to cover without feeling like I have put any effort into doing so and I retain the information in a way no other literature inspires in me. I love documentaries that encapsulate a specific event rather than a concept – The Thin Blue Line and Talhotblond are much more my cup of tea than Gasland or An Inconvenient Truth.

I found myself wondering today if there was a way in, could I join in and produce a research piece of my own? I’m not sure I could but it might be worth consideration. It’s not like I am afraid of writing – the last four months have to act as proof of that – but I struggle with the long for. I sometimes struggle with documentation too. I have been known to go to bed with instructions booklets and game guides and read them until either they are finished or I have fallen asleep but I also have to read Software Release Notes and coding guides as part of my work and find my attention lacking.

It’s a tricky one.

How does one even go about organising a research piece? In a lot of cases (especially those outlined above) the piece finds the author but I have no experience so I’m pretty sure no one will come looking for me. Who do you approach for documentation? How do you find out who the key players are?

Perhaps I should just leave it to the experts and let them get on with their brilliant analysis. In the meantime, I’ll keep thinking, looking and honing my writing skills until such a time as a challenge arises.

Thanks for reading, now watch this drive…


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