Farm Festival: Day 2

This may be my last entry…

Today has been a bit less eventful yet an interesting one nevertheless. I’ll start at the end (of the bands).

Due to “technical issues and curfews” Submotion Orchestra started half an hour late and still had to finish at their alotted time. This meant that the festival headliners got just over half an hour to play their set. To make matters worse, halfway through one of their few songs the sound completely failed, leaving the audience to fill in the missing bit. It was only down for a few seconds but it definitely helped to kill an otherwise fascinating groove. The band were apologetic as were the organisers. Harsh for their fans but I actually have a new found respect for them. Despite all the issues, it was actually a great performance.

I started the day with a nasty hangover which stuck to me like an over excited dog to a vicars leg. Consequently, I drank far less today and have gone to bed with a pretty clear head. It’s 2am and we need to be up and packed at 9.

Again, I’ll try to do a proper catch up when I get home so, until then…

Thanks for reading, now pass the earplugs, this bass is aggressive!


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