True Colours Shining Through

This may be my last entry…

*self-satisfied nasal hmmmmnnnn*

I begin with the mating call of the middle class suburbanite male because I have succumbed to the hip-as-you-like but probably dying-out-faster-than-the-Zimbabwean-Lion craze of Adult colouring.

As you may know, I think there is a place for mindfulness in everyone’s life. It helps to conquer frustration, calm and centre you and generally make life better. Unlike some people though, I struggle with the daily routine. It can be tough to do when there seems to be so much else going on (ironically, that’s the entire point of it right there). So if colouring can help then why not use it?

I must admit, my initial reaction was one of disdain. Why would you want to do something as juvenile as colouring in other people’s art? I suppose the answer to that is simple – when was the last time you coloured in? Think about it. You have probably filled in a couple of O’s on a newspaper headline recently or filled in a loop in one of your written letters. It’s in all of us and it helps to be creative and focussed – the very things that mindfulness teaches us.

Ok, it’s probably not a ditrect substitute for mindfulness but if you want to focus de-stress and become more centred and meditation isn’t your thing, why notgive colouring a try? It’s easy to get into and, if you’re honest, you have probably never stopped from being a kid. There is something truly engaging about the decision process. What medium will you use? What colour? Should you colour the elephant grey or go wild? Will you keep it simple or hone your techniques? There are so many decisions to make but no wrong answers and that is the essence of creativity. Create, think outside the box, colour outside the lines, doodle and be playful – the only rule is to be aware of your decisions and be in the moment.

Thanks for reading, now pass the pencils!


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