Return to Work

This may be my last entry…

Back to work today and it’s been tough. Not because I had a load of work on (I didn’t) or because I was called to do more than my fair share (I wasn’t) but because I was spiritually still in a completely de-stressed, chillaxed and blissed-out field in Somerset. I couldn’t work out why so many people were so eager to harsh my buzz with questions about what amounts to small amounts of electricity flowing through lumps of sand. I know I have to work and function in the world but that’s not what I want right now.

I feel completely out of step with the world at the moment and it feels odd. Not bad-odd but odd nonetheless.

I suppose my eyes have been opened a little and returning to the workaday existence I usually put up with is just hard work.

I’m sure I’ll get over it soon

Thanks for reading, now just relax – nothing is that important.


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