Farm Fest: The missing post

This may be my last entry…

Mrs CthuIu pointed out to me that, despite me having an almost life-altering time at Farm Fest the only post I have really done is about the anger caused by a spikey little man in a crappy coffee shop. I think that misses the point a little…

The reason I was so angry about the coffee shop debacle was precisely because I had been so removed from stressful pettiness for the entire weekend. I’m not angry at a forgettable coffee-based Napoleon; rather, I am angry at the world’s population for their inability to just chill the hell out. Why can’t we just all get along? No, seriously, why can’t we?

I know I have mentioned a more involved post about Farm Fest but do a quick Google for it. I’ll wait here until you get back…

It barely even registers right? Nothing there: no photos, no reviews, no news, no setlists… nothing.

I think I understand it too.

Not long after we stumbled through the gates and got our tents sorted, we made our way to the festival area and a brief conversation happened along these lines*:

Me: Someone ought to write a what to expect guide to this place.
DM: Yeah, I had no idea what to expect.
Me: Me neither… Maybe there shouldn’t be one?
DM: Eh?
Me: Well, look around. It’s doing fine as it is – it sold all of its tickets. Perhaps the reason there is no guide is that there’s no need. The regulars know what to expect and the noobs will be pleasantly surprised.

I think there is a truth to it. Farm Fest is not the best kept secret in the world of Festivals, truly it isn’t. There are people who know and love it and there are those who will come to do so. With that in mind I will give just a few, disjointed and entirely subjective highlights:

    • The woman at the coffee stand who asked for “a babycino for [her toddler son] Lucien”
    • Lamb giving one of the best performances of anyone’s life (except for one experience nazi who saw them at the Bristol O2 where they were soooo much better because they did Gorecki (which they also did at FarmFest))
    • Stealing Sheep being amazing
    • The woman’s voice in the camp site asking if they had any more bruscetta!
    • Wil Hodgson bringing meaningful comedy and a nice aftershow chat
    • The tons of people who just wanted to hang out and have fun
    • Loads more!

Yeah, this is it. I’m not going to go into minute detail about events. I’m not going to give you a commentary on all the bands I saw and who did what. I’m just going to be contented with my memories and the ache I have to be there right now.

Trust me, I had a great time and I’ll be there next year.

Thanks for reading, now I’ll gingerbread babycino for Minutia and a babyflatwhite for Agave. Oh, and a peach and quinoa breakfast pot too!

*Nothing like the conversation we actually had but you get the gist


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