Way, way down under

This may be my last entry…

As you may be aware, I sometimes talk about T20 cricket. It’s the only sport I write about and it’s the only sport I regularly go to watch (living near Edgbaston has it’s occasional perks). Today though I have to pay tribute to the England who are in the third test of the Ashes.

I woke up this morning with a feeling that we could be looking at a drawn series. England may have won at Cardiff and Edgbaston but there was something in the air (probably all the clouds) at Trent Bridge that made me think that a draw was almost an inevitability. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. Within the first 2 overs Australia had lost 3 men and suddenly it started to look like England may just take the Ashes after all. You know how it goes though, the tourists will settle in and grind out the runs. No, not this time – Australia were all out for a pathetic 60 from 111 balls. That represents the fastest collapse in test history but not the lowest score! Stuart Broad took a career defining 8 wickets for 15 runs which included his 300th test wicket!

After 18.3 overs and well before lunch Australia were gone and now all England needed to do was play some test match cricket. Avoid the heroic runs and just go on the defensive. Despite a couple of early wickets, England spent the rest of the day batting and reached a first day total of 274-4 which included a century for Joe Root and sceptic-silencing 74 for new blood Bairstow who had everything to prove. 214 runs ahead of Australia with four more days of play available!

A brilliant display from England today and woeful one from Australia. Now all we have to do is hold on, root in (and Root in) and keep the runs trickling in. Don’t be heroic gentlemen, just be heroes!

Thanks for reading, now ROOOOOOOOT!


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