Ashes to Ashes

This may be my last entry…

Wow, really tired again tonight but I have walked nearly twice my usual steps and it’s been a brilliant sunny, hot day.

England have won the Ashes with a test to spare. This makes me incredibly happy but let’s not go overboard. Yes, England won the 4th test by an innings and 78 runs; yes, we’re leading the series 3-1 and yes, we have handed Australia their arses (and forced the retirement of Michael Clarke as Australian Captain) but that doesn’t make England the best team in the world – far from it!

Lords, the one we lost in humiliating fashion, told us more about England as a team than the rest of the tests. We have been up against a decidedly awful Australian side but, once the conditions weren’t 100% ideal we were lost. Between now and the next Ashes changes will need to take place to make sure we can retain them while in Aus.

Let’s not forget that history has been made a number of times in this series though and congratulate the England team for putting in a good enough performance to humiliate the tourists. Despite the criticism, I am very proud indeed.

Thanks for reading, now pass me that ridiculously small earn please, I need to put this cigarette out!


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