Cub Tropicana

This may be my last entry…

Until recently I was a Cub Scout leader. It was a challenging role and one to which, ultimately, I couldn’t commit.

I had been looking for a way to volunteer and, with Mrs CthuIu being a Girl Guide Leader, I thought cubs would be a good way to go. I tend to relate to younger kids better because they haven’t been tainted by an unimaginative and judgemental world yet. They say dumb shit and don’t have the wherewithal to back it up. Brilliant!

The reason I couldn’t carry on was not the kids but the adults. They all come from a culture of scouting and seem to have, for the most part, lost any sense of reality, It’s a weird situation when the leadership team need more handling and time-outs than the kids. Things got worse and worse and eventually, with the intervention of some particularly nasty ill health, I decided to call it quits.

It was a tough decision; I felt like I had let the kids down and I felt like I had let my fellow cub scout leaders down. Ultimately I stand by my decision though.

I raise this because, this evening, I went out for drinks with some of the old team and it was really nice. It’s a work night so I couldn’t have many but it was great to catch up with N__ who has been at University for his first year and F__ (Akela). There was an initial opening gambit from F___ when she asked me to come back but other than that there was no pressure and we were able to just have some drinks and a laugh.

Overall it was a good night and I managed to get a bit of a buzz on – just what I needed after a boring day at work.

Thanks for reading, now dibdibdib.


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