Moral Highlander: There can be only one!

This may be my last entry…

I’m feeling a bit hungover this morning and I’ve realised that this has become a bit of a recurring theme. I’ll deal with it.

While I was getting my morning tea and porridge, I heard a couple of blokes (bloke blokey blokes) having a conversation about their dietary habits. One was a meat-eater, the other a vegetarian. Each one waxed lyrical about the virtues of their respective sausages and how bacon is always a sticking point – facon just doesn’t cut it when you have had bacon even once. And then the vegetarian asked an important question:

So, why don’t you, as a meat-eater, eat rat? You can’t eat cows and claim the moral high ground if you won’t eat all other animals.

Unfortunately I didn’t stick around for the response but I’m hoping it was:

No, I suppose you’re right, how can I justify eating some animals but not all of them? I tell you what, you just munch on this bouquet of foxgloves and we’ll mull it over

Yeah, I know rat isn’t poisonous but it makes the point doesn’t it? I can’t recall Mr Veggie making his own sago at any point. We eat things that come from shops or the easy things that we can grow ourselves (potatoes, carrots etc) and we are given what we ask for. In the UK, until recently, it has been hard to buy veal so, as a consequence, it has pretty much fallen off the British menu and out of our collective diets. I’m not sure it’s a moral high ground issue, I think it is just related to current tastes. Who knows, rat could turn out to be a brilliant source of meat but, given that it hasn’t fared well in the meat markets of history I doubt it. I’m pretty sure the same is true for various starch pastes, nuts and berries that had to go through enormous amounts of preparation before they could be eaten.

Thanks for reading, now: Discuss.

    • cthuIu said:

      I’d like to Jacqui. I’m also a huge advocate for insect consumption.


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