Obscure Insurrection

This may be my last entry…

…or my first, or one in the middle – only time will tell.

Today I was introduced to Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. Essentially, it is a set of cards (and now about a million handy apps) that aim to help artists break their creative constipation. I will be employing their advice during this blog entry to see how helpful they are. To assist you, I will point out when I used a strategy and what the strategy said – they will be completely at random and I won’t skip any.

Here goes:

No immediate ideas on what I should write so I’ll write about my day and take an immediate strategy:

Strategy 1: Accept advice

I asked Mrs CthuIu to give me some advice on my blog. She said “You’ll have to be more specific, stop being weird”. Turns out that that’s pretty good advice but doesn’t really help to get me started so I’ll go with:

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get myself motivated in the morning. I’m usually able to get myself out of bed and run through my morning routine but I definitely want to be asleep. I want to be able to get to sleep earlier because I have an idea that I’ll be more rested when I wake up.

Hmm, a bit boring so…

Strategy 2: Reverse


I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get myself motivated at bed time. I’m usually able to go to bed and sleep but I have to get up early and I really don’t enjoy that.

Still boring and slightly nonsensical…

Strategy 3: When is it for?

Eh? Oh wait…

This only really bothers me during the week because at the weekends I get to choose my own hours. Therein lies the rub though right? I change my sleeping pattern at the weekend and then have to flip back to the workday pattern. We all do it and it makes us more and more tired. Perhaps I need a holiday?

Strategy 4: Voice your suspicions


I’m beginning to suspect that these strategies are becoming a hinderance rather than a help. So far I have only just about got out of bed! I can see how they may help with music though. That said, this is turning out to be one of the wordiest blogs I’ve written in a while. Perhaps there is something to it after all!

Work was the usual kaleidoscope of frustration and elation and, even though I find the situation stressful, I am really coming on. Shetland Pete is on paternity leave so I fit into the go-to guy vacuum that leaves behind. I’m basically answering the questions that I usually go to him with!

Boring again

Strategy 5: Just carry on

Yeah, that’s useful…

It’s made me realise that I’m pretty good at what I do if I can just harness that confidence with which I treat other people. I’m beginning to really appreciate the challenges of coding and shut out the frustration of the admin side of things.

Strategy 6: Do nothing for as long as possible

Great advice

Thanks for reading, now come back tomorrow for more blogging stupidity


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