Colour me impressed

This may be my last entry…

It’s been a testing old day today. I have been working my way through an easy-sounding but nasty piece of coding and I’m having to use baby steps all the way. It’s interesting though and, judging by my ear fluttering, a bit stressful.

Before getting on the train I ran off to the local Muji store to have a look at their pencils. Modulor Dave swears by their 0.5 fine-liner pens and, having used one, I can see why. My thinking was that if their pens are so good at a decent price-point, perhaps their coloured pencils would be worth a shot. They do a pack of 60 that come in their usual stylish but no frills packaging (Muji is derived from the Japanese for no label) which in this case is a handy tube. I haven’t  been able to find many reviews on line so I settled for a much cheaper 12 pack to see if the full investment would be worthwhile.

From the moment I put pencil to paper I was immediately impressed. The coverage is smooth and even without the graininess you get from cheap pencils. The pigment shows up well with minimal pressure which means that shading and blending are effortless. I’m really impressed and will definitely be investing in the 60 pack especially now that I have started creating as well as colouring.

Thanks for reading, now I’m off to get some sleep!


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