Fallout: No Vomit

This may be my last entry…

Just a quick update from yesterday: I gave up with Fallout 3 – Windows 10 doesn’t like it and makes the computer cry – and decided to focus on Fallout: New Vegas. I took on the pointers from last night’s post and managed to avoid any sickness at all.

I’m not sure which game I prefer. I suppose Fallout: New Vegas is the natural sequel to Fallout 2 but I quite like the idea of meeting the world anew after spending your life in a vault. That said, the western attributes of F:NV are much better as is the personal development system. It’s a huge game that constantly shifts and changes depending on your mood and just how friendly you feel like being.

At this point I am staying away from all possible Fallout 4 spoilers so that I can come at the game completely fresh.

Thanks for reading, now does anyone need a nearly full pack of Kwells?


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