Run to the hills

This may be my last entry…

Next week I will be camping. It’s all been decided and booked.

Mrs CthuIu took it upon herself to do some research and came up with a list of available camp sites in the Malvern hills that I could reach. I decided that the likeliest looking location would be a camp site attached to a pub and within minutes it was booked.

Amazingly they only had space on the Tuesday and Wednesday and I would have to leave before 10.30 on the Thursday – this was exactly what I had planned to do anyway!

I’m looking forward to it. I’m feeling a little pressured to go and enjoy the hills when my plan was really to just isolate myself and try to find some focus again but I know that I will get restless. I’m sure that I’ll be happy for something to do.

As usual, I’m going through my usual kit list and working out what I’ll need. I think most of the usual suspects will be coming with me but I certainly won’t need my kilt and I can reduce the number of changes I will need to take so i should be able to keep the weight down. I’ve got a list of replacement items and additions that I will need to get hold of before I go bit nothing too extreme. the biggest expense will be a new sleeping bag and I have decided to go with Black’s own Quantum 2XXL. It’s a sleeping bag for the chunkier chap and has a lot of space for the feet. It also has independent foot zips so that you can put your feet outside the bag but keep your body covered – I love that feature and it generally only appears on more expensive bags. The reason I’m not shelling out a big wad on the sleeping bag is that I only tend to camp in the warmer months so a down-filled sleeping bag with all the bells and whistles is a bit OTT.

It’s great to be talking about camping again and I can’t wait to see how I deal with myself for the period. No matter what happens, it should be interesting.

Thanks for reading, now where’s my fuel bottle?


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