Mr CthuIu goes wrong

This may be my last entry…

I’ve been away. Not away in the physical sense, just away in the mental sense. I have been dreadfully, horrifically ill. The kind of ill that reminds you of being a scared little child and realising, for the first time, that a soft word and a warm embrace can’t always make amends. As you will know from entries passim, I have had a few bouts of illness this year and generally had a bit of a rough time of it but those were as nothing compared to the gastroenteritis from which I have just recovered.

To begin with I didn’t think there was a real issue – roughly 10% of diabetics on a steady course of Metformin will tell you that there are some, occasional and unfortunate, digestive side effects – so I carried on with my day making some bierocks and watching Birmingham Bears fall at the last hurdle to miss out on a place in the T20 Blast final. I finally realised that the trips to the toilet and the sweating wasn’t going to go away, said goodnight to Modulor Dave and trundled home. The rest of the bank holiday weekend is something of a blur.

I decided that I would cancel the proposed camping trip and focus on getting well. Finally, over a week later I feel well enough to work and blog.

It was always my intention to blog daily for the rest of my days with gaps occurring only when I was without internet signal for a period. I would continue to blog and upload when able to do so. What I hadn’t considered was how I would deal with illness. I now know that it just isn’t always feasible to blog on a daily basis and I accept that there may well be gaps. I fully resolved, feverish as I was, that I would take a break and focus on getting better. Should it happen again, I would make sure that there was a haiku or two ready to go and publish them as filler.

So there we have it, I was ill and couldn’t blog which makes a change from being well and having nothing to blog about. I’m back now and the dailies can begin again.

Thanks for reading, now pass the Imodium!


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