Gearing up

This may be my last entry…

Today I have had enough time on my hands to get down to some proper doodling and it has made me realise that I need to build up a bit of an arsenal.

I collect cheap fountain pens – it’s a bit of a niche hobby but an interesting one all the same. In my collection I have a set of Platinum Preppys which are ultra-cheap semi-disposable fountain pens. They aren’t great quality but they are really reliable and among some of the best pens I have used. I have decided to invest in a couple of new extra-fine nibbed ones for doodling.

They lay down a 0.2mm line and are eager to give up their ink in a reliable and skip-free way. If the need arises I can also convert them into eye-dropper pens that hold a huge amount of ink – handy.

On top of that I found some Uni Pin 0.1mm fineliners in a 3-for-2 deal. I like Uni pens and especially like their ink. I currently have a Muji 0.7 and a Pilot v5 fineliner (the latter has replaceable ink cartridges and will last for a very long time). They are all in black which will pretty much always be the main colour for my doodles.

Finally, just to top up the order to make the shipping free, I got myself a cheap-as-chips Pentel Fiesta auto-pencil (0.5mm) which is a stylish looking beast if nothing else (at less than a quid I’m not expecting miracles). I already have a decent OHTO Auto-Sharp but I like to keep that at home – again it’s not an expensive bit of kit but I really like the mechanism and just feel it would be safer staying in one location.

The aim, I suppose, is to allow me to doodle whenever and wherever the mood takes me. It’s hugely relaxing and gives me the ability to ‘switch off’ for a bit.

All that should be hitting a doorstep near me within the next couple of days and I’m feeling a little excited – stationery does that to me though, I suppose I never grew out of the yearly pencil case renewal process before going back to school!

Links to all the gear below – most of it was ordered from who I really rate but who are most definitely not a sponsor (they can be if they want though!)

Thanks for reading, now what’s in your pencil case? Comments and likes please!

Platinum Preppy 
Uni Pin Drawing Pen
Pilot v5
Muji Gel Fineliner 0.7mm
Pentel Fiesta 0.5mm
OHTO Auto Sharp


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