Biscuit News

This may be my last entry…

In the face of stiff competition from the Australian giant, Tim Tams, Britain’s own Penguin has stepped-up its game.

For me the overwhelming draw of the Tim Tam is the Tim Tam Slam – a judicious nibble on diagonally opposite corners which allows the Tim Tam to be used as a tea or coffee ‘straw’ softening the biscuit but maintaining good integrity. This was copied by plucky Brits using Penguins and dubbed the Penguin Straw but, as the Penguin wasn’t always entirely covered in chocolate, the effect was not the same… until now.

McVitie’s have recently changed the recipe of the Penguin making it slightly larger and giving it a thicker, more consistent, chocolate coating which, in turn, make the Penguin Straw a much better experience. The biscuit flavour remains pretty much the same and seems slightly less ‘greasy’ than Tim Tams so it’s an absolute winner for me.

With the new recipe has come new packaging and (dramatic music stab) the wrappers now come in any colour you like, as long as it’s red! No more British Racing Green Penguins for you! The traditional wrapper jokes have been retained though so you can laugh yourself silly with classics like:

“What type of pasta do Penguins eat?


Yeah, I know, it fails on pretty much every level. These jokes are generally so unfunny that I can pass them off as ‘facts’ (which is, in itself, pretty funny).

Congratulations McVitie’s, you’ve managed to make the good so much better!

Thanks for reading, now go and P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin and S-S-S-Suck your tea through it!


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