Further Frixion

This may be my last entry…

Having had a conversation with various people regarding my previous entry, it seems my opinions regarding erasable pens were mostly correct. I has had the weird effect of making Mrs CthuIu use her Pilot Frixion in the ‘correct’ way i.e. erasing her mistakes rather than crossing them out.

I thought that it might be worth looking at her pen as a comparison to the Uniball Signo TSI and fortunately she has brought one home.

The Pilot Frixion works in exactly the same way as the Uniball Signo TSI in that the ink is heat sensitive and becomes invisible when heated. There is a handy rubbery end to the pen which allows you to ‘rub out’ any mistakes. So far, so the same. There are noticeable differences though. The Pilot Frixion Roller (there are other entries in the ‘family’) is slightly more expensive than the Uniball by a few pence but for that you get a lot more pen. The grip is rubberised and easy on the fingers which is far superior to the ‘made by poundland’ feel of the Uniball and the pen itself is much more striking – sleek, black and with graffiti styling compared to grey, dotty and boring. The ink is a little more sumptuous as well which is not something you could generally say when comparing Pilot to Uniball. It’s darker, bolder and erases… well… just as ‘well’ as the Uniball.

So, yes, Pilot have produced a better pen but it still seems like a pointless gimmicky exercise. I’ll use them while I have them but I think my usual fountain pen and standard rollerball combo will win out in the end.

Thanks for reading, now get righting your writing!


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