Forages 30 and above

This may be my last entry…

This evening, with the help of Mrs CthuIu and Mrs Grotts, I went foraging. It was hugely unsuccessful.

It’s a bit of an odd time of year in the foragers calendar. The blackberries are either gone or at the explosive end of their life cycle, the orchard fruits are coming rapidly into season but are, well, usually ensconced in orchards, sloes are out but there has not been a frost yet and fungi are notoriously dangerous and, for the most part, dormant until the October rains come.

We looked for blackberries that might still be viable – the first week of October is absolutely the end of season for them – but they were few and far between. As a consolation, and due to the fact that we couldn’t find any hazelnuts either, I grabbed enough sloes to get a small Sloe Gin on the go in time for Christmas but I reckon I’m going to need more.

Thankfully, I noticed that our local veg-shed (a brilliant little grocery shack on the corner of our road) is selling Damsons at £1 for 2lbs so I’ll make do with those and get some jam and maybe even some damson gin on the go too. Couple that with my usual Christmas chutney and there should be quite  a few happy friends and neighbours this yuletide!

Thanks for reading, now preserve!


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