Big decision

This may be my last entry…

First big decision: That schtick is going – just take it as read that every entry could be my last.

Second big decision: I am going to reign in the posting to this blog. If I lived an exciting life full of little adventures, little victories and little defeats, I would probably have stuff to write about – I don’t, so I don’t. It could be that I end up posting every day but there will have to be some substance to the writing.

Third big decision: Mrs CthuIu has proved to me that having a theme is important. Her Dead Pixel Test blog is marvellous and I really hope it sticks around for a long time to come. With that in mind, I have decided to join the pack of stationery bloggers and create a blog specifically for reviewing cheap stationery. I’ll do a proper launch when it comes to it first I have to work out how best to achieve the results I am after.

In short, this blog may or may not end up being daily. I will still probably do poetry Saturdays and 1 day – 1 artist; I will probably still discuss my health and I will still bugger on about nothing. The aim is that this blog will remain alive and kicking and not just subsist into resentful silence.

Thanks for reading, now let me know what you think in the comments.


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