Sunday Funday

And boom! One day off and already I have things to talk about!

Today was the Coventry Sky Ride – an annual event that Birmingham,England’s second city, fails to have despite putting aside millions of pounds for the promotion of cycling in the city. I was registered and looking forward to it but then, suddenly, I couldn’t be arsed. Instead, an under-the-weather Mrs CthuIu and I went to the Bournville Ale and Street Food Festival. Best decision we could have made.

We had planned to go a while ago but it had slipped under the radar and the Sky Ride had taken its place but Sky Ride abandoned, we were free to give it a try. Rowheath is a short walk from our house and we were there in no time.

The entry fee was £5 which entitled you to a pint of beer or two halves and further tokens could be bought at 3 for £10 or £3.50 each. I bought an additional 3 pints, grabbed myself a half of Tower Brewery’s Gone for a Burton and set off to look for some food. The first guys we spoke to were Pip’s Hot Sauce. I have bought one of their sauces before and really rate it. I recommended them to Modulor Dave and he bought some Chilli and Garlic sauce and rates it highly too. We chatted about hot sauces and how we’d seen them recently at the chilli festival. They were engaging and I promised I would be back for some sauces later in the day.

Next we went for Andy’s Low ‘n’ Slow 18 hour Pulled Pork sandwich. It was delicious – so much flavour in every single bite. It ended up being the highlight of the day for me. Mrs CthuIu and I shared each dish so as to avoid filling up on one thing and missing out on something special. We followed the Pulled Pork delight with a Big Liz by Caribou Poutine. Poutine is a Canadian staple which involves chips, gravy, cheese curd and other optional ingredients. In this case it was creamy cabbage and smoked bacon. It was brilliant and I hope to see more of them at food gatherings,

By this point I needed another beer so I headed off for a Honey Porter, dark and slightly sickly – not the best beer I had that day.

we had just enough room for one more dish so we got a Persian flatbread (delicious) and went off to sit on a bench and watch a chap doing some fishing in the park’s pool. I used to do a bit of coarse fishing in my youth so I was talking about it to Mrs CthuIu and the fishing chap had a chat with us. Eventually he stood up to straighten his back and asked if I’d take over for a moment. I hadn’t done it for ages but it felt good. The float went under a couple of times but the fish in that pool are a canny bunch and had managed to eat the bait. I thanked him and went back in search of dessert.

On the way I stopped off at Pip’s and bought 3 bottles of their sauce for £10. Money well spent!

Dessert was a long time coming. I waited patiently in line for a waffle from the Bournville Waffle Company which managed to hit the spot. While I waited I sent Mrs C. off to fetch me an attractive blonde. She obliged and brought back a near pint of Spikey Blonde. There wasn’t quite enough to fill the pint pot so they had given it to Mrs C for free. This meant I still had a pint and a half’s worth of tokens and no desire to hang around. On the way through to the exit we saw Pip’s again and asked if they could use the remaining tokens. They were happy to take them and in return spontaneously gave me another bottle of their BBQ sauce!

An excellent day all round and I’m glad to have been there – Street food in a park and at it’s best.


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