Dead CthuIu stirs, wipes the centuries of dust from his eyes and reaches out to hit the snooze button on his alarm clock. It will do no good today, the stars have aligned and his dreaming is over. Now is his time to rise and crush humanity, time to start all over again.

He sloughs off his slumbering stupor and, with a quick adjustment of his horribly dated PowerPuff Girls pyjamas shuffles towards the bathroom to brush his teeth. Mrs CthuIu is already up though so his bathroom slot has been taken.

With a flick of a switch the celestial radio crackles to life and CthuIu once again rues the state of modern music. Soon he will have his own music again, soon he will go to work and everything will be back to the way it once was and will forever be.

CthuIu has clean socks and this makes him happy. Happy that is until he treads in the fresh and still-warm pile of cat sick he had failed to notice.

CthuIu is angry. CthuIu is always angry…

And that is why CthuIu blogs. At least that’s why he blogs for now. Each entry may be his last, each sentence draws him closer to the annihilation of language. In time all words will lack meaning and all audiences will dwindle to naught. CthuIu smiles, and begins to write the latest adventure. There will be words to come, pictures and videos even, opinions, gripes, triumphs and tragedies but always with an auspicious and a dropping eye.

CthuIu clicks ‘Publish’ and the stars begin their silent journey anew.

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