This may be my last entry…

I entreat you to watch the following video. It will change your life

Thanks for reading, now try not to talk in your sleep or that could happen to you!


This may be my last entry…

Farm Fest is coming up fast to meet me. The travel is now sorted and the plans for the previous night have been drawn. Now my mind is turning to the music, what to expect and what I will need to take.

Obviously, I’ll be taking my usual essentials┬ábut now I have a couple more essentials – a kilt, my new honcho and a rather snazzy last-minute-purchase poncho from the Download Festival (it got really cold on the last day and I had just enough cash to buy myself something warm). It’s going to be a matter of travelling pretty light given the number of changes we need to make to catch all our connecting coaches/trains. Read More