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And boom! One day off and already I have things to talk about!

Today was the Coventry Sky Ride – an annual event that Birmingham,England’s second city, fails to have despite putting aside millions of pounds for the promotion of cycling in the city. I was registered and looking forward to it but then, suddenly, I couldn’t be arsed. Instead, an under-the-weather Mrs CthuIu and I went to the Bournville Ale and Street Food Festival. Best decision we could have made. Read More


This may be my last entry…

Last night I failed to blog. It was a concious decision and not one I took lightly. This week I have been feeling a bit at odds with writing. I’ve been having difficulty finding inspiration and then, inspiration found (or suggested) I have felt dissatisfied with the results. Perhaps the problem isn’t so much writer’s block as a lack of direction. I’m not doing enough in my day to day to allow me to blog successfully – that is something I must and will change. The time has come to inject a little excitement in my life.

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This may be my last entry…

It was Birmingham Bikefest today and people were able to take part in a few activities. One of them was jumping with a jump bike and it looked like this:


Great day out, liking forward to next year!

Thanks for reading, now don’t miss the crash bag!

This may be my last entry…

The Birmingham Bears are now not only through to the quarter finals, they have the advantage of a quarter final in their home territory by finishing in the top two of their group. They managed to scrape through by beating the Northamptonshire Steelbacks by a single run early this evening.
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This may be my last entry…

Let’s assume that I wrote something really amusing and deeply personal here and draw a line under it. Essentially, Bears lost to Lancashire Lightning (my old team) by a measly 8 runs, Modulor Dave and I got drunk and pissed up on booze and we ended up watching Fantasia and chatting!

Thanks for reading, now #YouBears

This may be my last entry…

I’m in recovery from a day of fun, frolics, sun and alcoholics at CoCoMAD – the local festival. It’s a one day affair that happens pretty much on our back doorstep and never fails to entertain. Read More