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This may be my last entry…

Next week I will be camping. It’s all been decided and booked.

Mrs CthuIu took it upon herself to do some research and came up with a list of available camp sites in the Malvern hills that I could reach. I decided that the likeliest looking location would be a camp site attached to a pub and within minutes it was booked. Read More


This may be my last entry…

Mrs CthuIu pointed out to me that, despite me having an almost life-altering time at Farm Fest the only post I have really done is about the anger caused by a spikey little man in a crappy coffee shop. I think that misses the point a little…

The reason I was so angry about the coffee shop debacle was precisely because I had been so removed from stressful pettiness for the entire weekend. I’m not angry at a forgettable coffee-based Napoleon; rather, I am angry at the world’s population for their inability to just chill the hell out. Why can’t we just all get along? No, seriously, why can’t we? Read More

This may be my last entry…

Today has been a bit less eventful yet an interesting one nevertheless. I’ll start at the end (of the bands).

Due to “technical issues and curfews” Submotion Orchestra started half an hour late and still had to finish at their alotted time. This meant that the festival headliners got just over half an hour to play their set. To make matters worse, halfway through one of their few songs the sound completely failed, leaving the audience to fill in the missing bit. It was only down for a few seconds but it definitely helped to kill an otherwise fascinating groove. The band were apologetic as were the organisers. Harsh for their fans but I actually have a new found respect for them. Despite all the issues, it was actually a great performance.

I started the day with a nasty hangover which stuck to me like an over excited dog to a vicars leg. Consequently, I drank far less today and have gone to bed with a pretty clear head. It’s 2am and we need to be up and packed at 9.

Again, I’ll try to do a proper catch up when I get home so, until then…

Thanks for reading, now pass the earplugs, this bass is aggressive!

This may be my last entry…

This post comes to you from Modulor Dave’s house as we prepare for the start of the festival.

There’s an early start (my alarm is set for 4.30am) and a whole load of traveling ahead of us so I’m on my best behaviour and I’m already in bed (apologies for the mental image).

This evening was a frantic push, both figurative and literal, to pack my bag. I had to unpack it a couple of times and shed some unnecessary ballast (casualties include my onesie) but I got there in the end. I’ve had to bring a shopping bag for some of the extra goodies but I can handle it.

Once I’d finally let the house and waddled my way to the Modulor household (hopefully one of the longer unassisted schleps of the weekend) I realised I had made some mistakes. I thought I could let the things I’d left behind slide but, once I realised I had left my vital earplugs at home, I had no choice but to get Mrs CthuIu to bring them over. She’s amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Now I’m kitted up and ready for fun but first, I need to get some sleep!

Thanks for reading, now don’t forget your toothbru… Oh crap!

This may be my last entry…

This is my last night at home and I’ve spent the majority of it planning and packing. Unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the damp and cold so I’m having real problems drying my washing but I should be fine come tomorrow evening.

Now it’s just a matter of checking and double checking everything to make sure nothing gets left behind.

Keeping it short, much to do.

Thanks for reading, now I’m sure I’ll get back to more normal BS very soon.

This may be my last entry…

Plans have changed a bit from yesterday. I will now be putting off Ant Man in favour of actually getting stuff done.

This evening has been spent planning the logistics for the rest of the week and I came to the conclusion that it would not be fair to myself or the nature of my blog to queue blog posts simply because I will be away. Instead, I will blog daily regardless of internet connection and, if push comes to shove, I will publish the posts when I return to civilisation.This will mean that there may be a couple of days where there is no daily post but then there will be three on a single day – I will not conflate them into one post or I will have cheated myself and lost my personal challenge.

I knocked together a kit list and it’s looking good. My only worries at this point is whether my clothes will dry in time for the final push on Thursday evening. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they are which will involve quite a bit of tutting and a few hard stares.

I will do the initial pack tomorrow and see how heavy my pack is – I’m hoping for less than 20kg but whatever it is, it will need to be manageable.

More preparatory fun tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, now pack!!!

This may be my last entry…

Farm Fest is coming up fast to meet me. The travel is now sorted and the plans for the previous night have been drawn. Now my mind is turning to the music, what to expect and what I will need to take.

Obviously, I’ll be taking my usual essentials┬ábut now I have a couple more essentials – a kilt, my new honcho and a rather snazzy last-minute-purchase poncho from the Download Festival (it got really cold on the last day and I had just enough cash to buy myself something warm). It’s going to be a matter of travelling pretty light given the number of changes we need to make to catch all our connecting coaches/trains. Read More