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This may be my last entry…

Daily posting stopped,
Apologies to be made:
I’ve been really ill!

Normal service will resume soon.

One thing I can say,
Gastroenteritis sucks!
I groan, moan and poo.

Thanks for reading, now to the toilet!


This may be my last entry…

Summer rainstorm,
Cascade the fleeting life source,
Cleanse the air and heart.

Thanks for reading, now relax.

This may be my last entry…

From now on, unless something monumental happens, Saturday entries will be for poetry.

The weekend again,
I crave its embrace but then,
So little to say!

Thanks for reading, now a little haiku never hurt anyone.

This may be my last entry…

Today I have done chores and sortings while wearing a onesie – odd. To celebrate, here is a Saturday haiku:

TV stand replaced
Work clothes washed and hung to dry
Onesie may be next! Read More

This may be my last post…

The Wellcome Collection are running a competition aimed at poets:

“Can you sum up the joy of sex in one tweet? What about the darker side? To celebrate our sexology literature tour, we want you to sweep us off our feet with your poetry skills.

We’re looking for your best efforts to craft a poem about sex using the medium of Twitter, as part of Sex in the Afternoon…”

Wellcome Collection Blog

I thought I’d give it a try. Read More

This may be my last entry…

Right now I am on an enforced bland diet. Essentially this means that I have to stay away from greasy of spicy food. The former shouldn’t be a problem right? I eat pretty well. The latter though… sheesh… tough times ahead! Read More