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This may be my last entry…

Recently, I blogged about immersion therapy and the method I used to combat claustrophobia; well, I can certainly say that it was mostly but not 100% successful.

Today I had an MRI. It’s not something I have had before and I certainly don’t relish it happening again. Read More


This may be my last entry…

I’ve been away. Not away in the physical sense, just away in the mental sense. I have been dreadfully, horrifically ill. The kind of ill that reminds you of being a scared little child and realising, for the first time, that a soft word and a warm embrace can’t always make amends. As you will know from entries passim, I have had a few bouts of illness this year and generally had a bit of a rough time of it but those were as nothing compared to the gastroenteritis from which I have just recovered. Read More

This may be my last entry…

Daily posting stopped,
Apologies to be made:
I’ve been really ill!

Normal service will resume soon.

One thing I can say,
Gastroenteritis sucks!
I groan, moan and poo.

Thanks for reading, now to the toilet!

This may be my last entry…

I went for a follow up appointment for my Bells Palsy episode (several entries passim) and was given the all clear! It went after about 2 weeks so that was pretty much a given but gratifying any way. I mentioned that the steroids had caused further issues but said it wasn’t a problem – there was no way either of us could have known about a tiny underlying infection. And that was the appointment over until… Read More

This may be my last entry…

Today I read about the semi-colon project. I’m usually the last to know about this kind of thing so, if you haven’t seen it already, it’s worth taking a look at.

Like around 25% of the UK population I suffer from a mental illness. In my case it is depression and, as far as I can tell, I keep it pretty well controlled. Read More

This may be my last entry…

**Health Update** – I know you were worried

I saw the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (me neither) today to see why I’m feeling so terrible. The answer: I’ve been through so much crap over the last couple of months that she’s surprised I’m not in a much worse state. The various drugs I have been on have sent my immune system into meltdown and given my stomach a gangland-style working-over. Apparently, the reason I feel virusy is that I have a virus (duh). Read More

This may be my last entry…

I’m really not well again but I’ve taken too much time off work with the various bullshit that’s been happening to me. I’ve got way too much to do anyway so there isn’t any room for down time.

I’m hoping this cold will break and leave over night.

Thanks for reading, now pass the Vicks!