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This may be my last entry…

The weekend’s a time to relax
So I started the new game Mad Max
Drove around for a bit
Found it wasn’t as shit
As described by some game review hacks!

Thanks for reading, now I’m just here for the gasoline.


This may be my last entry…

Daily posting stopped,
Apologies to be made:
I’ve been really ill!

Normal service will resume soon.

One thing I can say,
Gastroenteritis sucks!
I groan, moan and poo.

Thanks for reading, now to the toilet!

This may be my last entry…

From now on, unless something monumental happens, Saturday entries will be for poetry.

The weekend again,
I crave its embrace but then,
So little to say!

Thanks for reading, now a little haiku never hurt anyone.

This may be my last entry…

It’s Friday night and I’m tired so, having just discovered the Clerihew thanks to Phill Jupitus, I’ll leave you with these:

The Caverns’ Priscilla White,
Attended cloaks by night,
Later coming back,
As the famous Cilla Black.

Old George Cole,
Played many a great role,
But he’ll be remembered mainly,
As the roguish Arthur Daley.

Byebye to the pair of them.

Thanks for reading, now…

CthuIu went to bed,
To rest his sleepy head,
But please do not feel sorrow,
He’ll be back again tomorrow!

This may be my last entry…

Today I have done chores and sortings while wearing a onesie – odd. To celebrate, here is a Saturday haiku:

TV stand replaced
Work clothes washed and hung to dry
Onesie may be next! Read More