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This may be my last entry…

From now on, unless something monumental happens, Saturday entries will be for poetry.

The weekend again,
I crave its embrace but then,
So little to say!

Thanks for reading, now a little haiku never hurt anyone.


This may be my last entry…

Today I have done chores and sortings while wearing a onesie – odd. To celebrate, here is a Saturday haiku:

TV stand replaced
Work clothes washed and hung to dry
Onesie may be next! Read More

This may be my last entry…

I’ve got a headache so writing is making my eyes hurt a bit. l’m guessing it’s because of the wine I drank last night and the half bottle I didn’t really want at lunch – it’ll pass, these things do.

After a gap of at least 5 years, I have found that I can drink coffee again without it making me pass out (I don’t know, probably something to do with Diabetes) which is great news. It’s actually nice to come back to coffee after all these years but I keep going at it too quickly and feeling awful – I need to slow down. Read More

This may be my last entry…

Listen up immune system – you need to shape up. I get it – I spent way too much time eating, not exercising and doing all those bad things that lead to disaster. I suppose you can blame brain for that. Apparently he really enjoys serotonin*. In fact, he loves it so much that he couldn’t get enough of the stuff and made the rest of us really unhappy. It turns out that self-medication may have been fun while it lasted but my body couldn’t handle it. If only I’d known! Read More